Get kids excited about science with hands-on FUNshops for smaller groups. FUNshops explore a specific topic in science with lots interactive elements. They'll be having so much fun they won't realize they are learning!

Preschool-Level FUNshops

Our preschool-level workshops offer hands-on learning experiences for kids ages 3-4. Each one is an age-appropriate exploration of a single science topic, like air, animals, weather, and worms. Kids enjoy engaging demos, perform simple experiments, and discover how science helps us understand our world.

a boy and a girl wearing lab coats behind a desk with dry ice, beakers and tubes on it.

Elementary-level FUNshops

Our elementary-level interactive workshops are aligned to STEM objectives and explore topics that kids are excited about. Mad Science® workshops are an ideal way to get children motivated about learning while strengthening their scientific foundations.

6 kids looking in amazement at an experiment where foam is coming out of a flask.

Summer Library Program

Are you looking for quality programs to help you promote reading at your library this upcoming summer? Every year we develop customized interactive workshops for the summer library program. Our programs are always in line with the year’s theme and add the energy and fun-factor you’re looking for!

Open book with a yellow light pouring out and science icons in the background

The FUNshop Experience

Kids learn about science through observation and hands-on experiences. See what it's all about!

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All About Our FUNshops


What if I have more than 25 kids?

Although there are some topics that can squeeze extra kids in, the hands-on nature of the FUNshops means that there is only so much equipment to go around. We want to be sure your kids get the full experience. Ask us about options at the time of booking.


Am I in the local area? What is the travel charge?

40km of travel is covered in the basic price, so programs in the St Catharines/Niagara Falls/Beamsville/Welland area don't have to worry about a travel charge. For farther away locations we charge $0.37/km for the additional distance.


Does everyone always take something home from a Funshop?

Yes! A take-home activity is part of every FUNshop program. Most of the time, the item is built during the program. In some FUNshops, the activity requires no assembly and will be given to the children at the end of the FUNshop.


How long in advance do I need to book?

We recommend 4-6 weeks before your event date in order to make sure that the time and topics you want are available


Kids in Niagara know the "Mad Science" name and are always excited to see a show. Mad Science makes learning fun!

Fort Erie Public Library

Fort Erie, ON

Campers and staff alike seemed to really enjoyed the show!
I loved how this show was really hands-on and interactive. Thanks for coming to the Town of Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre!

Town of Lincoln Museum and Cultural Center

Beamsville, ON

Our scientist was fun and engaging and had enough animation talking to the kids to keep their attention, without being too over the top. The presentation was simple enough to keep our 3-4 year olds engaged and learning!

St. David's Co-Op Nursery School

Welland, ON