2020 Special - School Staycations

Students learn, explore and have fun with Mad Science Staycations! Capture the excitement of a field trip without the headaches of buses, finding volunteers and paperwork. Our Mad Scientists come to you.

A boy's hand pointing at a beaker with yellow liquid overflowing onto a blue tray

School Staycation

Choose from three dynamic half-day offerings for students in grades K-8:

Chemicals Abound (Gr 1-8) - Students get their goggles on for a variety of hands-on chemistry experiments.
Feel the Pressure (Gr 1-8) - Students ‘go Newtonian’ with hands-on physics experiments.
Exploring Senses (ELKP) - Students explore their different senses by using our play-based learning materials.

What’s a field trip without a snack? Cotton candy making is included with every Staycation. Enjoy our delicious demonstration on states of matter!

Want more STEM? Extend your Staycation to a whole day with Science and Engineering Challenges that put your students’ problem solving to the test. Spice things up with some friendly competition.

Cost per student: $8 for half-day, $12 for full-day (including all applicable taxes) There will be a minimum charge for 15 children. A travel charge may apply. Cancellations made with less than 2 weeks notice are subject to a $50 fee.

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