Party Venues

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Party Room

Party Venues

Mad Science will come to you wherever you are. If you can’t fit the kids in your house, here are some ideas for where else you could have the party:

Gramma’s House
Townhouse complexes/apartment buildings often have a community room
YMCAs, YWCAs, community centres and arenas
Church basements

St Catharines
Port Weller Community Centre
1 Bogart St
905.688.5601 x1927
Russell Ave Community Centre
108 Russell Ave
905.688.5601 x1927
Seymour-Hannah Sports Centre
240 St. Paul St. W.
905.688.5601 x1927
Kiwanis Aquatics Centre
425 Carlton
905.688.5601 x1927

Port Robinson Community Centre
40 Cross St Thorold, ON
Allanburg Community Centre
1560 Falls Allanburg, ON L0S 1A0
Nick Basciano Centre
131 Richmond St Thorold, ON L2V 3H3
Canadian Corps Upstairs
7 Clairmount St
905 227 3161

Niagara Falls
McBain Centre
7150 Montrose Road
905-356-7521, extension 3330
Coronation Centre
5925 Summer Street,
(905) 356-6493
Call City.. Gale Centre, Chippawa-Will